Super Soft pillow, 1st Sleeve for young puppies



Collections: Bite Developers, Wedges and Pillows, Obedience, Protection

Product type: Bite Pillow

Vendor: FDT

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This pillow is perfect for your puppy to start bite work! Soft and pleasant to bite into, it will encourage the full grip.  It has a lined opening to put your arm into for the next steps.  Great for young puppies.  We also use it as a flat light pillow for exercise.  

Can also work well as a flat SEND OUT pillow.

Current stock is red ,blue , black.  Colors vary

Size of the puppy sleeve: 

  • width - 8 inches (20cm)
  • length - 12 inches (30cm) 

Key features of the introduction puppy sleeve:

  • made of 100% dog safe materials
  • very soft material
  • thin bite surface for puppies
  • soft interior
  • handle

    Intended use of this Bite Sleeve:

    • Introduction to bite work with sleeve
    • Working on bite drive
    • Playing with your dog to get your puppy into bite game