Hi, I am Olga Baram. And this is my boy, D&C’s Bravo, IGP3, FH, CGC and my girl Isenard’s J’ai du Style en D’Esprit BH, FH, CGC. Just like you, I train, live and breath IGP. I started in Schutzhund in 1995 and have been competing in dog sports for over 20 years, with the dogs that stole my heart forever, THE BELGIAN SHEPHERDS, first with Groenendaels and now the Malinois.

Over the years I dabbled in Obedience, Conformation, Agility and Schutzhund with a firm belief that stability, structure and drive are all equally important for these highly intelligent, super intuitive, active and athletic dogs. Schutzhund became my true passion and obsession... I love all 3 phases of the sport and our IGP community. I enjoy the camaraderie and helping others. I cherish the special relationship with my dogs that training brings. I am lucky to have a very special dog who is taking me places. I am fortunate to have great friends and mentors, I am always hungry for learning more and pursuing my idea of a perfect picture with my dog on the field!

For over 20 years I have been researching and learning canine genetics, breed health issues, puppy imprinting and upbringing, training techniques, raw nutrition, maintenance and conditioning. I believe a true winner is a dog who is genetically strong and sound, and who is fulfilled on the deepest levels both mentally and physically.

I am the equipment junkie. When I was a little girl and only dreamed of my parents getting me a puppy, I had a collection of leashes, collars, harnesses and training toys! Naturally now DogSports4u sells training and fitness equipment for dogs and handlers. I hand pick the products that we sell and we test them hard in training! I love fulfilling orders, knowing it will bring smiles, eye sparkles and tail wags. We welcome you to visit often, as new cool products are designed and added...

I hold a CCAS designation, which stands for Certified Canine Athlete Specialist, and I have created The IGP Athlete Wellness program, which is the only program at this time focused on sport and working dogs.

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