We love dogs and training is our passion.
We have been competing in different dog sports since 1994, and IGP is our passion

Our Academy

Unleash your partner's full potential with fitness, nutrition and sport specific conditioning. Bring your team to the next level with enthusiastic training thru powerful open emotions. Build a strong unique connection. Learn how to fulfill your dog's needs and recognize earliest signs of injuries.

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Customer Reviews

"Recommending 100%. Absolutely great customer services!! Olga was very helpful , answering right away all my questions about the products plus shipping is very fast ! I’m very happy and satisfied ( my dogs too ;) with the stuff I purchased and we will be back ! Thank you"

- Natalia Balabanov

Love my new IQ winter training jacket! Material quality is top notch, nothing feels uncomfortable. Very warm but not bulky! Gives me 15 extra points just walking on the field, too bad I can’t wear it trialing

Thanks for a great product and great customer service !

- Claire Ransom

Really love this vest, especially the long pocket in the back which is perfect for healing stick, flags, etc. Very well made and fits EVERYTHING.

- Lori L.

I got this for my wife for Christmas and she loves it! It is nice enough to wear around even when we are not training! It is also great for training! It has all the pockets for rewards that you need! I would definitely recommend!!

- Patrick T.


Hi, I am Olga Baram.  And this is my boy, D&C’s Bravo, IGP3, CGC and my girl Isenard’s J’ai du Style en D’Esprit BH, FH, CGC. Just like you, I train, live and breath IGP.  I started in Schutzhund in 1995 and have been competing in dog sports for over 20 years, with the dogs that stole my heart forever, THE BELGIAN SHEPHERDS, first with Groenendaels and now the Malinois.

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Supplements for IGP dogs during pre-trial and trial season

I am often asked what I feed my dogs and what I do to keep my dog in such a...

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