Leather Dog Training Basket Muzzle with Padded Nose



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M21 - Leather Dog Training Basket Muzzle with Padded Nose

This well-fitting, comfortable muzzle is made of special strong leather to maintain its shape under extreme agitation (we recommend the same model reinforced with leather covered steel bar for agitation work) and to assure long life for the muzzle. Handmade exclusively by our craftsmen. You have to see this muzzle to believe the craftsmanship and quality. Due to great design the muzzle is well ventilated. If you need more ventilation try our basket muzzle or wire muzzle. This muzzle is very comfortable for your dog and is also very practical for training, traveling, patrolling, guarding and visiting the vet.

This muzzle is completely safe and non-toxic. Among the advantages: leather muzzle will not stick to a dog's snout in winter and will not reflect excessive sunlight. Inhibits biting, chewing. Easy to put on and off. The muzzle is available with or without additional strap(between eyes). It is never advised to leave your dog unattended while muzzled. The muzzle is padded on nose with thick felt for maximum comfort and to prevent rubbing, hand crafted.
Fits adult German Shepherd dog and similar head shaped breeds.

Short summary of features:

Dog muzzle made of leather, Castle style. Upper part padded with thick felt for better comfort and to prevent rubbing. Extra strong rivets. This dog muzzle fits adult German Shepherds. This muzzle will prevent your dog from wound licking, eating of rocks, garbage, poison, etc. Prevents injuries from dog fights. Due to policy of some transportation companies your dog will be allowed for transportation if properly muzzled.