IGP Training Mini Blind



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Product type: Protection

Vendor: FDT

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Teach the blind search anytime and anywhere with these portable mini blinds.  

Firm Schutzhund Training Blind for young dogs

Key features of this Schutzhund Blind:

  • Reinforced polymer fabrics of high density
  • Well-thought design
  • Aluminum/steel strong construction
  • Overall high quality of parts and assembling
  • Handy in usage and irreplaceable when training young dog
  • Competitive price in the market for the quality
  • Light weight and compact dimensions
  • Collapsible construction which allows to disassemble blind easily
  • Free carry bag

Intended use of this Schutzhund Blind:

  • Preparation for Schutzhund training
  • Schutzhund club training

Dimensions of this Schutzhund Blind:

  • weight with bag - 4 2/5 lbs (2 kg)
  • weight without bag - 4 lbs (1,8 kg)
  • width - 27 1/2 inches (70 cm)
  • height - 47 1/5 inches (120 cm)

Available colors:

  • Yellow