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This is 3 tools in one, and the only tool you need from puppy imprinting thru the whole Retrieve training!!!! The weight plates easily come off on both sides

1. Step 1 - Take off plates and Teach the HOLD with the dowel

2. Step 2 - Attach the plate to 1 side for proofing the firm grip and hold

3. Step 3 - Attach plates to both sides - and you are ready for retrieving

BONUS Feature - IPO 2 and IPO3 dumbbells have can have the weights adjusted by adding or removing additional weight plates. 

Pull Strings can be easily added.

High Quality and DURABLE. The ends are safely screwed in, so the dumbbell will not crack and come apart in training or trials.

Slick looking bright solid plastic weight plates prevent the dog from circling and looking for a "lost"dumbbell in the leaves, grass, dirt or snow.

These dumbbells come in IPO1, IPO2 and IPO3 sizes and weights 650g, 1000g and 2000g. 

IPO1 - $32

IPO 2 -$37

IPO3 - $40

Or Complete Set of IPO1,IPO2 and IPO3 - $99.