Variopad for Variocage




Product type: Variocage Accessories

Vendor: MiM


Tags: Variocage


High Quality, Durable and Comfortable Crate Pad specifically designed to work with our Variocage products. The VarioPad will fit most Variocage Single Models as well as Variocage Double Models with the Divider installed. Simply fold up the side edges or one end of the Variopad to fit in smaller cages or a Variocage Double with a Divider installed.

  • Quilted dog bed well suited for dog crates
  • Adapted to suit all MIM Safe Variocage models
  • Easily folded to adjust their size along the seams
  • High Density pad that provides weight distribution for the dog while resting
  • Durable seams that can endure rough treatment
  • Material that can last through a lot of wear and tear over a long period of time
  • Soft and comfortable to rest on for man’s best friend
  • Length: 1000 mm och | Width: 640 mm
  • Machine Washable