MIM Safe Variogate Universal Cargo Barrier




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Vendor: DogSports4u




Available in 3 Sizes to Accommodate a Variety of Vehicles

MIM Safe Variogate – Transforms Your Cargo Area Into a Spacious, Safe and Secure Environment for Transporting Pets.

When used with a cargo barrier, such as our Variobarrier, the Variogate will create a safe and secure containment area for your loved ones.

The optional VarioGate Center Divider for the MIM Safe VarioGate provides maximum room for your dogs in the cargo area of your vehicle while still keeping them separated.

The VarioGate Center Divider is available in Short or Long Adjustable Sizes to accommodate a wide variety of Vehicles.

In addition, the VarioGate Center Divider can be adjusted Left or Right by 9cm / 3.5in to allow one side to be Smaller and the other side Larger than the other.