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IQ Position Stick

Perfect Heeling Position with our Patented IQ Position Stick

How do we use it?

Teach your dog to keep a perfect heeling position with our Position Stick. Once our dog has mastered keeping his heeling position with the help of food, we need to slowly remove the food. Often, this is when we start to struggle with loss of the position of his head or with him pushing forward or at our leg.

We gave it a lot of thought how to guide or dog into the perfect position by using his own motivation rather than fighting against him; and found the solution in the IQ Position Stick (some of our customers call it the magic stick).

Dogs do not like to touch the Position Stick. Therefore, they maintain a perfect heeling position to avoid such touch: self motivated.
Please ensure to use the stick as a bar. Never hit or actively correct your dog with the position stick!

Why the removable angle piece?

The removable angle piece is attached to our Position Stick by wing screw. We use the angle piece if the dog gets to close or even pushes on the handler’s leg. This is where the angle piece comes in handy: we keep the angle piece right at the leg of the handler.

How to use the Position Stick


  • Gewicht: 260 gramms; with angle piece 300 gramms
  • Length: 64cm
  • Material: Aluminium 

Important Notices:

  • The Position Stick MUST be used as a passive barriere
  • Never hit your dog with the Position Stick
  • Never use the Position Stick close to the dog's eyes
  • We do not assume any liability in connection with the use of our Position Stick!