IQ Positionswhip - Magnetic



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IQ Positionswhip - Magnetic

The magnetic position device is an ideal training aid for position work while walking. The device serves as an extended arm of the dog handler. You can pet the dog or touch him at the places where he should change his position. Thus, in a comprehensible way the dog can be learned a perfect position.

In the vicinity of the whip knob a ferromagnetic sleeve is attached. With this sleeve, the device can be attached to a magnet. If a magnet is attached to the jacket side, e.g. to play the devices are quickly put out of hand and can be used very quickly again. The Magnetic Positioning Whip is compatible with any magnet (such as TOP-Matic).


  • Length 90 cm
  • ferromagnetic sleeve
  • Glass fiber devices with nylon spun
  • Rubber-Grip