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IQ Dogsport Multifunctional Vest Unisex

Sophisticated Vest for Dogsport

This unisex dog handler vest is manufactured from hard-wearing and scratch-resistant material, Cordura. This material is highly durable, water-repellent and breathable. The key features of this vest are the convertible patented large chest pocket and the patented slot for the whip.

Key Features of the IQ Dogsport VestThe IQ Dogsport Vest offers comfort and style along with many clever details for optimal dog training. This vest offers two separate chest pockets however you may reconfigure these with our patented unique design into one large chest pocket.

There are  amazing benefits in your dog training from this patented chest pocket  Stow your ball or tug there during the recall or retrieve exercise to reward your dog continuously in the front position with both hands from the centre of your body. This central reward system ensures the dog learns to be straight in front every time.

Another key patented feature of this highly intelligent design is the slot for the whip at the back of the vest. The compartment for the whip covers the entire back length. At the end of this whip slot are openings for water and dirt drain. Also located in the large back pocket openings for optimum moisture flow.

This vest is also suitable for all magnetic-ball systems. There are 3 conveniently sewn pockets attached to the inside of the vest fto stow your magnets. The big zipper in the center of the vest allows you to attach a pair of magnets on any point. You will also find a large zippered opening in the lining for your custom embroider design to be strategically sewn directly onto the back of the vest.